Auto Belay Update & Other Tidbits

Today we spoke with MSA who manufactures the Redpoint Descender, commonly known as the Auto Belay. They have imagescompleted a third party investigation as to why the units failed and are now petitioning the Consumer Protection Agency to remove the international “Stop Use Notice”. They did not comment on the cause of the failures.

Movement uses a company called Experiential Systems to have the units serviced and they are of the opinion that Auto Belays could be back in service as soon as next week. We’ll keep you posted with the latest information on the Auto Belay status here on the Movement blog and on our Facebook page.

Partner Tags 4 BlogIn the meantime, we are introducing a new program at Movement called “Partner Tag”, for times when you come to the gym without a partner.
How it works:
Ask the front desk for a tag – green for lead, yellow for top rope.
Attach it to your harness.
Then, keep look for others with a tag!

On a different note…

We have set 51 NEW BOULDER PROBLEMS and 10 NEW ROUTES this week so there is plenty of freshness to climb P1000201on at Movement this snowy weekend!P1010408